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Camera Bodies

Over the years I have owned and used several Pentax cameras:

Other equipment

Now my lineup also includes:


My second hand Z-1 came boxed with a manual. Realising I could not download a PDF of the manual (only the Z-1p from the USA site) I scanned and PDF'd the manual myself. To assist other users, you can download a copy here.

Pentax-Z1.pdf 4,057,793 bytes

If you use a Pentax Z1 yourself, please drop me an email mattmatic@hotmail.com and tell me your favourite tricks and tips, a link to your online gallery, or a photo taken with the Z1, as a way of saying thank you for the manual ;-)

Update: Pentax USA now have the Z1 manual online too. Better late than never ;-)

Hints and Tips

These hints and tips were found out by experience, or culled from the Internet pages and newsgroups (using www.google.com)

Pentax Z-1

Pentax AF360-FGZ

Pentax Z-1 vs Z-1p

If you were wondering what the Z-1p has over the Z-1, here is my list:


Any comments, questions, etc - please email me! mattmatic@hotmail.com.

Updated 18th June 2002